Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Repair Tri-City Auto Repair Tempe | Water Pump Replacement Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

What Does Your Car’s Water Pump Do?

A water pump circulates coolant/anti-freeze throughout your entire engine to keep it from overheating.

Nothing ruins a car faster than overheating – and in a place like Arizona, the likelihood of that happening is greater than other areas of the country.

Water pumps are powered by one of two things:

  • The Drive Belt: This is the belt that also turns the air conditioner compressor and the alternator. In this case, the water pump is easy to see.
  • The Timing Belt: Since the timing belt is buried in the engine, your water pump will not be visible. In order to replace, it requires taking the front portion of your engine apart.

Any problems with your water pump can immediately cause overheating.

Signs That You Need a Water Pump Replacement

  • Puddle of colored fluid under your vehicle (green, blue, pink, orange, yellow).
  • Strange sweet smell after driving the vehicle.
  • Noticing that your car is running hotter than normal.
  • Hearing a rumbling sound from your engine.

When Should Your Water Pump Be Replaced

Typically, it is recommended to replace your water pump at around 110,000 miles. It’s also a good idea to replace if you’re getting your timing belt done, since your engine will already be apart. You’ll save a lot of money in labor by doing both at the same time.

The bell curve of water pump failure starts 80,000 miles and goes up to 140,000 miles for most vehicles.

What Water Pump Should I Buy?

There are big price differences for replacement water pumps as related to quality. Because the cost and quality of a new water pump varies, you’ll find that repair shops quotes can be far different from each other. Our advice is to not cut corners and make sure you get a good quality water pump. No one wants to spend the money the first time -- and you really don’t want to spend it a second time if it doesn’t last.

A shoddy job could wreck your engine. You definitely want it to last – especially with labor involved and the possibility overheating. A bad water pump will only last about a year or two, not 110,000 miles like the original and it will be out of warranty and you’ll spend the money twice.

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Water Pump Repair Tri-City Auto Repair Tempe | Water Pump Replacement Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

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Water Pump Repair Tri-City Auto Repair Tempe | Water Pump Replacement Scottsdale Phoenix AZ