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Automobile Spark Plug Replacement and Service in Tempe Phoenix East Valley AZ

Is It Time to Test or Replace Your Car's Spark Plugs?

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Here’s what you need to know if you are looking to test or replace your car's spark plugs!

Spark plugs are extremely important. It can be very understandable why car owners will ignore the spark plugs. They are intentionally manufactured to be very durable. Manufacturers are noting that spark plugs don’t need maintenance until 30,000 and up to 100,000 miles have been driven (the latter figure is recommended for the specifically manufactured long life spark plugs). The longevity, however, assumes in normal circumstances and there are many times when problems emerge that have to be dealt with. Spark plugs will age and as time goes by, the sharp edges wear down, and more voltage is required to bridge the gaps between the center and ground electrodes. An automobile is rarely silent about its problems. There are warning signals that let the owner know the spark plugs are starting to lose their effectiveness.

Consistent trouble in starting the car is not necessarily a problem with the battery. The spark plugs might not be generating sufficient spark or they are draining the battery. The engine communicates loud and clear about difficulty with the spark plugs. Engine misfiring, in which the engine halts for a moment and then continues on as if nothing happened, is one sign of trouble. Engine surging is a signal that this heart of the automobile is having combustion problems, and spark plugs are part of that difficulty. A lack of acceleration is also a danger signal. All of these are showing a difficulty with not enough energy to have engine work properly.

Changing the spark plugs is a way of assuring top efficiency and performance. The misfires that may occur will increase exhaust emission as well as harm gas mileage. The warning lights that may be seen on the dashboard regarding spark plugs is a sign that misfires are exceeding a given amount and has caused emissions to dramatically increase. New spark plugs will decrease the number of cold starts that may happen in the winter. Less voltage is required in the ignition system because of the efficiency of the new spark plugs. Emissions have already been mentioned, but misfiring spark plugs can result in too much gasoline entering into the exhaust system. This can create higher temperatures in the catalytic converter, and may in fact lead to a meltdown of converter parts.

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Automobile Spark Plug Replacement and Service in Tempe Phoenix East Valley AZ

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Automobile Spark Plug Replacement and Service in Tempe Phoenix East Valley AZ