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Time to Replace Your Car's Motor Mounts?

The motor mounts in your car are responsible for more than just maintaining a smooth ride. Since they connect to both your engine and the frame of your automobile, it is important to have them replaced as needed to ensure that no further wear begins on other engine parts. Motor mounts, sometimes called engine mounts, are rubber blocks that both hold the engine in place and help to reduce the engine's vibrations on the rest of the car. If you've been noticing vibrations in your vehicle, don't hesitate to have them replaced to avoid further repairs! Have Tri-City Auto Repair take a look and replace your motor mounts now.

Things You Should Know About Motor Mounts

An engine mount is made of rubber and steel and has two purposes;

  • It secures the engine and transmission to the frame of the car.
  • It absorbs the road-shocks and engine vibrations so that the driver does not notice any engine movement. Transmission mounts secure the transmission.

Driving your car for too long with broken engine or transmission mounts may result in damage to your axle shafts and/or your transmission. Some engine mounts even contain oil that may begin to leak if a mount isn't up for it's job. Review the following common symptoms of warn out mounts if you're unsure of whether or not your vehicle needs new motor mounts:

  • Vibration while accelerating, especially while driving uphill.
  • Movement in the engine compartment while driving your car.
  • Oil leaking from a damaged mount.
  • Bumping or clunking noises from the engine, or movement of the transmission.
  • Loud noises while shifting or while putting your car in gear.

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Tempe Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Motor Mount Replacement

Why Choose Tri-City Auto Repair for Motor Mount Replacement in the East Valley?

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Tempe Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Motor Mount Replacement