The Tri-City Auto Repair Story

Tri-City Transmission Tempe Phoenix AZ ArizonaThe Beginning

Back on March 20, 1972, the partnership of Leon Bouchy and Michael Young realized a dream with the grand opening of Tri-City. They knew their strong work ethic and ability to communicate with people would serve them well in their new positions as local business owners.

Leon and Mike rented four bays of a seven-bay garage on North Hayden Road in Tempe, Arizona. It was behind the Gas-n-Go service station -- and you couldn't even see the front of the building from the street at that time! They were given their first stock order of parts on consignment and a $5,000 loan was secured with a handshake and a promise, using some used equipment as business assets.

Fortune smiled as Tri-City opened its doors that first day. There were customers! In time, the business attracted fleet accounts such as SRP, APS, the U.S. Post Office, and the Scottsdale Police. Leon and Mike worked long and hard -- and hundred-hour weeks were common. The increased business prompted the hiring of their first employees and the renting of the other three bays of the building.

Tri-City Transmission Tempe Phoenix AZ ArizonaGrowing With Our Customers

By 1977, we were looking for a larger facility when the adjoining property at 203 North Hayden Road went up for sale. With Hayden Road frontage, they had finally found the perfect site! The land was purchased and a 2700 square-foot building was built to keep up with the ever-increasing demand from customers of Tri-City. Doors opened on December 20, 1978.

Tri-City: Realizing the Dream with a New State-of-the-Art Facility

Tri-City Auto Repair has endured the flooding waters of the Salt River that washed out three bridges over a road that has been reconstructed at least five times. We have seen the construction of ASU Golf Course and the completion of the Town Lake. We were annexed into the city of Tempe as part of a redevelopment project called Tempe Marketplace. The redevelopment resulted in the relocation to our current 9000 square foot facility at 2005 E. Rio Salado Parkway. Ironically or through happenstance, we opened our doors at the new location on March 20th, 2006 - exactly 34 years to the day of opening our first location.

Tri-City Transmission Tempe Phoenix AZ ArizonaTri-City Through Transition

Mike and Leon had established a striving, successful business built on honesty, transparency and quality work- where a handshake meant something. They knew they couldn’t carry on forever and needed to find an exit strategy. While they could pick up the phone and sell the business to one of the transmission chains, or just about anybody, they weren’t willing to see a lifetime’s work and reputation go to just anyone. They hand-selected Dave Riccio. Leon and Rita Bouchy describe Dave as a younger version of Leon with some of the great qualities that Mike Young possessed- a perfect fit to carry the business. In November of 2006, Dave took the keys to the business. In order to make the transition successful, Mike Young stayed on staff to give the business and Dave the best chance of success. It was unique, after all.

Tri-City 40th Anniversary Party – Recognized by ATRA –
Left to right, Rodger Bland (gears magazine), Dave Riccio, Leon Bouchy, Michael Young

Tri-City 10 Years After the Transition

The business has carried the name and culture that Mike and Leon had started 45 years earlier. Since then, Tri-City Auto Repair has been featured in several national auto shop trade publications. Tri-City recently received the Torch Award for Ethics by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Dave believes this is due to his four key ingredients: Show up on time; do what you say you are going to do; finish what you start and say please and thank you.

Tri-City Auto Repair's Commitment Today

To focus on good communication on what can be a complex product. To only provide a service where both party’s walk away satisfied that the transaction was fair -- a win-win.